Phones are turning us into cyborgs… in a good way

“Phones are turning us into cyborgs. In a good way.”…or so says Google’s characteristically quirky intro to Eric Schmidt’s talk at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Google Boss began with the incredible fact that in 3 years at most smart phones will pass global PC sales, and that mobile web adoption is proceeding 8 times faster than than the equivalent point 10 years ago with desktops. In short, the convergence of mobile web’s adoption and the growing power of cloud computers is taking us to a point where we can “literally know everything” and unveiled a world where you can do things “you didn’t even know were possible.”

Schmidt then gave us a peek at some of the Wonka-like wonders that are being cooked up in Google’s labs in anticipation of this SmartPhone renaissance. Thinks like as real time voice translation over the phone, so you can talk to a native Chinese speaker on the phone without even knowing a word. Mobile apps that can diagnose illness just by your cough. Image based search engines that can tell you what a building is, who built it and when it opens just from a photo on your mobile phone. Predictive apps that “not only know where you are, but know where you’re going”.



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