Project Quantum

Project Quantum was a collaboration between Firstcom and the Research and Development division at Glen Dimplex International to create the next generation of smart-grid heating systems. Having spent years perfecting and implementing the technical infrastructure, Glen Dimplex turned to us to develop a sleek a intuitive interface that would turn these innovations into a viable product to sell to Energy Companies. After a series of meetings in which we ascertained the goals and intentions of the users, I developed a series of sketches highlighting the key interface screens, which soon became a UI prototype. It became apparent that many tasks – such as tweaking individual settings on radiator systems in a single house or even a whole block – would become mind-numbingly repetitive for the user very quickly. As such, I developed a set of tools that allowed them to customise settings and save templates, as well as applying them at an apartment and estate wide level.

Project Quantum was unveiled to the public in December 2012, and demonstrated to the Irish Taoiseach.


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